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Hi my name is Andrew. I created Start Freelancing after working as a freelancer for many years and found when I was learning, it was not always simple to find the answers and resources I needed. Learning new tricks, skills and knowledge month by month, every new skill and ability learned enabled me to create a website like the current website you are now on. It was not straight forward to get to this stage and now I want to make it as simple and straight forward for you to start freelancing today.

The purpose of Start Freelancing is to help you learn the freelancing journey a lot quicker saving you money but most importantly time. I had wasted a lot of time going down dead end routes, being unsure what platforms were best and even at the start, the basic skills need to know how to run a business. With the knowledge I have now, I am able to have a favorable work life balance, earn a good income and have the flexability to work when I want and where I want.

So, this is where Start Freelancing comes into place and will give you all the information, knowledge and power you need to start your freelancing business and getting your first paying clients.

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